A call for aid, stop a canadian mining firm using rape and murder as tools.

OK I cannot believe what I am reading. HudBay minerals of canada are being sued for rape and murder of mayan peoples here and now in 2012.

I knew mining corporations had been using such sickening tactics for a long time, but  why is this still considered ok?

Eleven women raped a young tribe member parylised and a tribe elder murdered, all for the profits of these arrogant, greedy, money grubbing bastards.. Avaaz are setting up a fundraiser to help the people set up a lawsuit in canada. before HudBay con the courts into turning it over to the weaker courts in guatemala where they will no doubt get away scott free.

Maybe it is time to show these corporate bastards what we think of these tactics, if anybody is able to get a protest going at the US headquarters it’d be great to see. If not there are other ways to help, write to congress, boycott the firm, even donate to the legal aid of the mayans who need all the help they can get to match hudbays legal power.





Terrorist, Mhara Costello.

Sorry just had to share a poem many of you will have seen, the voice actor is well known, Mhara herself not so much. However she is a wonderful person may her words reach many around the world. The plight of palestinian people forced to live in virtual prison camps, the horror of elderly people being driven from their homes at midnight so the bulldozers can move in and shrink their lands further and further, is a cause that everybody should know about.

please if you can do a lil research please do, spread the word, somebody needs to.


Biological determinism vs. enviroment, if you’re not an apple you must be a banana.

For years this debate has waged on, Radical feminists often attacking trans women or trans men based on the claim that our behaviour reinforces biological determinism. Something that would be very harmful to the feminist movement and womens community as a whole were it completely accurate. While from the trans side of things the majority opinion seems to be that our nature is an immutable part of who we are. Any attempts to force us back into a stereotypical assigned at birth gender role are met with resistance. Rightly so , nobody should be forced into a gender role against their will.

Both sides in this debate have valid and very real concerns that overlook one small fact, the theories are not mutually exclusive.

Everybody seems to forget one simple fact, in all the madness people forget it is not nature vs. nurture, for the plain and simple reason both play a part in the development of human life and identity. Holding an exclusive viewpoint one way or the other in this inevitably means standing up for one groups rights while decimating the others. If you favour the biological determinism theorem you automatically minimise the voices of women all over the world who have fought damn hard to be recognised as more than just a societal role, and no matter how you colour it that aint right, However if you choose to favour societal conditioning and control as the cause of the problem you inevitably hurt a large number of trans women and trans men who are fighting equally hard for recognition in a society geared to force them back into what society considers an acceptable role for them against their will. Either way somebody gets pushed back in order to further somebody elses reality. This wouldn’t be right no matter what the reason, but the fact is both arguements are fundementally flawed.So I propose we look at a different theory, the one currently favoured by an overwhelming majority of biologists , anthropologists, psychiatrists, and quite a lot of laymen too.

Suppose for a moment Both played a part in defining who we are, Biology does indeed play a major role in setting our base identities, which means forcing somebody to fit a role does not work, any attempts to define who a person should be based on their biology alone harm both groups massively. If a person was defined by biology alone then society as a whole would stagnate, nothing would ever step outside the confines of their programmed preferences and identities. so we get to the issue at hand. Yes I agree nature plays a major part in defining who we are in my opinion , however so does a persons free will , a persons ability to be influenced by their enviroment and in turn change it for better or worse.

So yes women are conditioned by society, and it is a very noble thing to do to change society for the better, destroying privilege and sex based discrimination is vital work, Here is where things get problematic though.because both groups have massively different experiences being forced into roles that do not match who they are.The reality of this situation from both sides of their experiences are massively different.
For a trans woman based on experience we are told from the outset that we have to fit a male gender role, we are forced to dress a certain way, act a certain way, walk how we’re told, people even try to tell us how to bloody talk  or we face physical consequences . A trans person is forced into a hyper exxagerated role as a way to “fix ” them is the assumption (the creator of reparative therapy should be shot for what he has done to innocent people) in many cases by their own parents, in my case my mother decided to buy me a toy once I loved , but according to my father (a homophobe of the highest order who was already violent towards me)  it was a “girls toy” whatever the fuck that means boys toys girls toys are just another way to mindfuck you even in childhood, I’m sure you can figure out what happened.It was destroyed in front of me under the assumption I was turning gay. Over a toy , Ironically while I have no interest in sex whatsoever I have romantic tendencies that lean more towards dating women than men and always have yet society tends to assume I’m a gay man in denial even going as far as to attack me physically verbally and on occasion sexually . I was told how to dress how to act how to speak how to walk like a stereotypical male, and harshly punished when I didn’t fit his tidy little preconcieved boxes. He eventually kicked me out age 13 at which point my mother and stepfather took me in for which I am eternally grateful. Eventually I as told of transition after desperately seeking help (I’d been suicidal since I was 10 years old and at that age made a genuine bid to end my life but failed). I confess I did after breaking free of the stupid control of my identity for a time go hyper girly, yes it was stupid and idiotic but how else are we supposed to figure out our identity and comfort zones.

Looking back at that now I see how offensive it was, but sometimes you need to do something in order to grow as a person. Whether you are proud or ashamed of it later it is hindsight. Female assigned at birth FtM often have the same issue from the opposite direction.

While women assigned the role at birth are often forced into the trappings of supposed femininity, dressed up like dolls, forced to dress act and think as society is conditioned to think a girl should . young girls are constantly bombarded with plastic smiles, irritating platitudes, constant patronisation, billboards showing stick thin supermodels photoshopped so much they are barely recognisable as human anymore. Society plasters images of perfect little dolly stepford wives all over TV, it’s all so much brainwashing as to make you lose your lunch.

I could go on forever and not be able to point out all the injustices done to either party , not by the others existence, but by society itself, meanwhile master sits upon his phallic throne laughing his ass off while we squabble over his fucking tools.

For anybody interested in the biological proof of transsexuality here is an early study


Note the report uses the term gender identity,

it does not in any way imply that a person does not have free will beyond their identity to define everything about themselves.

For more on the influence of enviroment, look around you, people are constantly exposed to sexist genderist propoganda wherever they go. I will be posting links in the sidebar eventually.

The dangers of transer than thou.

Ok enough pissing contests.

I don’t mind if you’re pre op post op non op gender queer neutrois twin spirit, hirja  or anywhere else on this huge spectrum that is gender. Nobody should ever have the right to make any other person feel lesser. Don’t feel the need to take hormones, that’s fine, don’t feel the need for surgery , ok that’s cool.

What is not cool is treating a human being as different or somehow less trans because they find their own ways to express their identity.transition is a very personal journey, each person reaches the truth of their identity in their own, unique way.

By the same token people who are outside the trans community often attack or criticise trans people over their decision to go through certain stages either way. If we decide we feel the need to go without hormones we are “ghastly parodies of womanhood” or “built like linebackers”. If we do take the hormones we are pathetic tools of the patriarchy so obsessed with infiltrating spaces not intended for us that we will “mutilate our genitals” or “take foul chemical cocktails to warp our bodies. It’s a lose lose situation and we are considered like dirt either way, so we take the path that is most beneficial to our psychological and emotional wellbeing, we exercise autonomy over our own body.

Is that so wrong that we deserve all the criticism and attacks? that we CHOOSE what to do with our own bodies? I was under the assumption that forcing somebody out of free control over their own body was a bad thing. Apparently only if not used against trans people , or in a number of states reproductively capable women. Why is this double standard allowed to continue? isn’t it about time we dropped the priviliege pissing contest, transer than thou, more woman than thou, is the first step towards the biggest problem we could ever have “more human than thou”  Time to stop looking for higher ground, and instead start focusing on what really matters. Being decent human beings. Helping each other, and fixing the mess we are all in before it’s too late.

trans spirit

The divisive power of a word.

What’s in a word? That depends how it’s said.

Even the politest word in the world can become a slur if used in hatred, any word has the power to be a weapon.

Some words have a history of oppression all their own, they do not need using or even pointing out we all know their vileness already, others are more subtle they become that way over time, twisted from innocent little meanings they take on a vile form of their very own. So we get to 3 little letters.

C-I-S, Maybe this phrase started out as a way to differentiate between people, but that is the purpose of a slur anyway, and however innocent the meaning started out make no mistake if it hasn’t become a slur it is at least often levelled with more bile than many curse words. After all what is a slur, but a way of saying not like us? Different, outsider , in the least polite manner possible, by labelling somebody against their will.

For years people have fought against such sickness, against being othered and labelled without their choosing. Well that is a 2 way street, we all have the right to not be labelled against our will, but here’s what makes that right sacred, WE DON’T GET TO LABEL OTHERS EITHER.

After all, if we start doing that we take the first steps down the path of “all are equal but some are more equal than others”. Not a road this particular girl wishes to go down . So I take that word and relinquish it as the stupid tool of opression it is. I can only sincerely hope others do the same and this word dies the way all verbal weapons should, in obscurity, forgotten.