The divisive power of a word.

What’s in a word? That depends how it’s said.

Even the politest word in the world can become a slur if used in hatred, any word has the power to be a weapon.

Some words have a history of oppression all their own, they do not need using or even pointing out we all know their vileness already, others are more subtle they become that way over time, twisted from innocent little meanings they take on a vile form of their very own. So we get to 3 little letters.

C-I-S, Maybe this phrase started out as a way to differentiate between people, but that is the purpose of a slur anyway, and however innocent the meaning started out make no mistake if it hasn’t become a slur it is at least often levelled with more bile than many curse words. After all what is a slur, but a way of saying not like us? Different, outsider , in the least polite manner possible, by labelling somebody against their will.

For years people have fought against such sickness, against being othered and labelled without their choosing. Well that is a 2 way street, we all have the right to not be labelled against our will, but here’s what makes that right sacred, WE DON’T GET TO LABEL OTHERS EITHER.

After all, if we start doing that we take the first steps down the path of “all are equal but some are more equal than others”. Not a road this particular girl wishes to go down . So I take that word and relinquish it as the stupid tool of opression it is. I can only sincerely hope others do the same and this word dies the way all verbal weapons should, in obscurity, forgotten.