The dangers of transer than thou.

Ok enough pissing contests.

I don’t mind if you’re pre op post op non op gender queer neutrois twin spirit, hirja  or anywhere else on this huge spectrum that is gender. Nobody should ever have the right to make any other person feel lesser. Don’t feel the need to take hormones, that’s fine, don’t feel the need for surgery , ok that’s cool.

What is not cool is treating a human being as different or somehow less trans because they find their own ways to express their identity.transition is a very personal journey, each person reaches the truth of their identity in their own, unique way.

By the same token people who are outside the trans community often attack or criticise trans people over their decision to go through certain stages either way. If we decide we feel the need to go without hormones we are “ghastly parodies of womanhood” or “built like linebackers”. If we do take the hormones we are pathetic tools of the patriarchy so obsessed with infiltrating spaces not intended for us that we will “mutilate our genitals” or “take foul chemical cocktails to warp our bodies. It’s a lose lose situation and we are considered like dirt either way, so we take the path that is most beneficial to our psychological and emotional wellbeing, we exercise autonomy over our own body.

Is that so wrong that we deserve all the criticism and attacks? that we CHOOSE what to do with our own bodies? I was under the assumption that forcing somebody out of free control over their own body was a bad thing. Apparently only if not used against trans people , or in a number of states reproductively capable women. Why is this double standard allowed to continue? isn’t it about time we dropped the priviliege pissing contest, transer than thou, more woman than thou, is the first step towards the biggest problem we could ever have “more human than thou”  Time to stop looking for higher ground, and instead start focusing on what really matters. Being decent human beings. Helping each other, and fixing the mess we are all in before it’s too late.


  1. Amy said,

    March 19, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    Not only on the level of Hormones/operation status either. I’ve had trans people ask why I bothered with transition when I told them I don’t like wearing dresses unless I really have to, similarly with being a gay woman.

    There seems to be an expectation for us to be very feminine in every way or else we shouldn’t have done this to our bodies. But then if we are very feminine then we get accused of not being ourselves, but instead being a mirror of a societal construct of what women are like.

  2. gene_cherie said,

    March 19, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    I always find it particularly disturbing when people in the trans community behave in the way you’re describing. I feel like people get caught caught up in their own goals sometimes they forget their situation, process and goals are all unique to them. In a world where they are probably surrounded by criticism it seems so ironic that they would attack others. I guess in the end it might be their own way of validating themselves, if they can’t justify themselves to those not transitioning maybe they feel like they can do so towards others in their community…

  3. Allie said,

    March 20, 2012 at 12:57 am

    What makes it almost comical is that “too gendered” and “not gendered enough” are overlapping categories, lol

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