A call for aid, stop a canadian mining firm using rape and murder as tools.

OK I cannot believe what I am reading. HudBay minerals of canada are being sued for rape and murder of mayan peoples here and now in 2012.

I knew mining corporations had been using such sickening tactics for a long time, but  why is this still considered ok?

Eleven women raped a young tribe member parylised and a tribe elder murdered, all for the profits of these arrogant, greedy, money grubbing bastards.. Avaaz are setting up a fundraiser to help the people set up a lawsuit in canada. before HudBay con the courts into turning it over to the weaker courts in guatemala where they will no doubt get away scott free.

Maybe it is time to show these corporate bastards what we think of these tactics, if anybody is able to get a protest going at the US headquarters it’d be great to see. If not there are other ways to help, write to congress, boycott the firm, even donate to the legal aid of the mayans who need all the help they can get to match hudbays legal power.





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