He used to……..

did you hear about him? he used to………

my mind shuts off,

they used to what?

bury who they were inside?

pretend to be the thing they despised?

swallow all their pride?

wear a disguise to survive?

or simply deny, their inner self?

They used to shut it all away,

try to play the fucking game,

that took their dignity away,

led their spirit all astray,

and let their misery hold sway.

As they tried so hard to be the same,

as all the normal folks.

Until one day,

he looked in the mirror,

saw through the veneer,

and saw her staring back,

then SNAP

all the wasted years came flooding back,

shattered the mask.

She remembers what she was before,

the wounds still raw. YES she used to,

not anymore.

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