Exploring the void.

In the darkness,

trapped in the mist,

set out with a memory,

and a nightmares kiss.

They set out to harm me,

they succeded before,

I sharpen the memory,

into a blade that I draw.

Before me a light

that cuts through the dark,

the smile of the lady,

who lightens my heart.

Across from me now,

my demons defy me,

though she has no blade,

my ladies beside me.

She’s there to remind me

to teach me the lesson,

I could be a monster,

or fight to be better.

She strengthens my spirit,

my body transforms,

the spirit inside me,

grows stronger reborn.

I laugh at my demons,

sheathing my blade,

to battle these monsters,

this isn’t the way.

If I meet them in violence,

a beast I’ll become,

instead I’ll defend,

all the innocent ones.

my past will now aid me,

to be loyal and strong.

Though the mist still surrounds me,

I’m no longer afraid,

the lady and lord,

are there lighting the way.

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