Radfem 2012, the aftermath.

Ok so here we are again, I’m pretty sick of having this conversation by now, but I have a request of my trans brothers and sisters, do not block this event. Womens spaces are rare enough as is, they need places they can feel safe.

As a transwoman I am dismayed at seeing the event is exclusionary of trans individuals despite the laws of our country and still seeks to debate our existence, but I am a supporter of free speech. How do you reconcile an event that denies your very reality with that? quite simply really, by reaching out and requesting a debate at which all are welcome while respecting the desires of those who organised the event.

You cannot change a human beings beliefs by force, only by reasoned debate, shiela jeffries has repeatedly closed her ears to such discussion, but not every radfem does. Surely there has to be a better way, I know I’m gonna get a lot of flack for making this post, but somebody has to. So here goes, just please folks, think about it ok?


  1. Richard Jones said,

    October 15, 2012 at 2:21 am

    I did tell you there were two stories this is SIERRA LEONE diamonds and other minerals weak government several medium sized militias 300 average ANOTHER UN PEACEKEEPER MANDATE and guess what another SUICIDAL SET OF RULES OF ENGAGEMENT these were so bad the General Staff protested them formally in writing to Tony Blair
    A patrol of the Royal Irish Regiment were close to the area where a gang called THE WEST SIDE BOYS operated it was a heavily armed fighting patrol but you wont see that on You Tube they were stopped at a roadblock manned by 6/7 drunk kids with AK47s laughing their heads off they demanded the patrol surrender RULE even in face of armed enemy soldiers or militia you will be court martialed if you open fire first
    so under UN rules the whole patrol surrendered Now they are in deadly danger and so is that prick Blair The enemy leader Called realising he couldnt guard them keepiing 6 Irish and their local liason Musa Blair and the MOD ask can we get them out answer under RULES zero chance Calley demanded a sat phone so he could speak with the media and maybe do a deal with his own government being a doped up drunk cretin he also carried out mock executions on the hostages to say the British Public were displeased if they knew about the UN RULES he forced them to accept he was finished as a politician and lucky not to get lynched
    At the sat phone meeting a hostage had managed to slip out a map of the camps back to the generals and so OPERATION BARRAS was borni if it can be done it must be at Regimental level no orders questions leaks from Downing street MOD or frankly us Iwant one thing in writing from you Prime Minister iwant your written order to my Regimental Commanders that this whole area is a free fire zone.Another political suicide note but he did it
    So who gets this peach THE PARACHUTE REGIMENT THE22SAS REGIMENT and the SBS who?
    First all troops and gear in country
    Second all troops and gear in range of target
    Third get eyes on the target
    Two targets split by a river the hostage camp and a base on the other bank with heavy weapons
    eyes a never documented deep drop25/30 miles behind the camp check for a miracle route through the jungle
    The river is that an assault route welcome to the SPECIAL BOAT SQUADRON these are the guys the Americans asked to borrow to set the NAVY SEALS training the river was also nogo leaving only the most dangerous option air assault but 4 men had left the boat yards from the camp as soon as helicopters were heard Calley would try and kill the hostages
    the drop that never team made an early exit no route but information that did change the operation at a meeting that never was certain senior officers did not decide to add a second dimension to the after a winning hostage rescue scenario it was at this time that embedded reporters began to sometimes overhear a troop refer to it by a different name
    they assumed that the only option was by far the most dangerous air assault was making some nervous and they did a great wind up on the nosy reporters these were men who were about to freerope70/80 feet and charge armed men down a lane 10/12 feet wide its a really good idea to stick to that lane because their mates as they landed would be putting max fire from the squad automatic weapons a few yards either side
    the 4 watchers struggle with their ghillie suits and move as fast as they can to cover the hostage hut
    On the other side of the river a lucky shell wounds many of the command group but a young captain takes control and leads a great assault
    the gunships pump shells and rockets at prepared positions and men are falling from the sky on ropes Calley orders the hostages murdered none get within 20/30 feet of the hut the 4 men move forward to check and arm the hostages one is missing MUSA the compound is nearly cleared ironically the roof of Calleys had blown off and protected him the reporters see Calley dragged from hiding under his bed
    only one piece of bad luck spoils a perfect op a SAS trooper was hit by a bouncing bullet from an AK and died instantly the Paras all recovered as per the original plan the paras reporters wounded a a few sas evacuated the area leaving 40 SAS and SBS for the last transport original plans were to board and leave instead the chinook took off to return in 4 hours the troopers formed up in their hunter killer teams Blair said the west side boys lost27 google west side boys casuaties you will find claims that more than200 died that is correct the west side boys were exterminated closer to300 within3 month every other militia either surrendered or came to terms with the government result peace

  2. October 15, 2012 at 10:10 am

    um what relevance this holds to radfem 2012 I am unsure, if you are asking me my position on starting wars overseas while the country drowns in debt, I must say I disapprove of it as strongly as I disapprove of any violence. If you are asking me if I support aiding the people in trouble in these places yes I do, , I just think aid needs better monitored, and diamond trading is a glorified scam. Diamonds are actually common, suppliers limit availability, giving the impression of scarcity, driving up the prices, you want to end the bloodshed in sierra leone don’t buy diamonds, don’t support people who deal in them. , also hold the firms who sold the weapons to africa, and the goverments who allowed it accountable for their actions. Do not disgtributen aid to corrupt warlords to distributde, instead ensure the food is distributed to the people who need it, ensure it is marked in some way that makes it identifiable as aid, that way it becvomes harder to trade it for more weapons.

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