Rapist freed because their intended victim was trans.

My faith in humanity is dying, a swedish court just freed a man because his intdended rape victim was transgendered, I shit you not. The wonderful logic behind this move? apparently since she was trans, ergo not posessing a vagina she could not have been raped.

This woman was beaten, her pants ripped off, and the attacker then proceeded to attempt a full out attack. Mercifully for the victim a witness intervened , however the courts decided the man was trying to rape the woman,  they ruled that it was in fact a woman the man wanted to rape, not a ‘physical man’ and although the fact that the victim had undergone hormone therapy to change gender was considered, the court ruled there was no completed rape.

There you have it, a full blown sex attack is apparently cool in sweden, just ensure your victim is trans, as appatrently all transsexuals are unrapeable. I must send a memo to my rapist to appraise him he is in fact innocent it seems. Never mind the fact this basically strips humanity from us, no equal protection under law, it also opens up a huge ass can of worms, have they not realised yet, not all rape victims identify or live as female, they just provided a lot of rapists a get out of jail free card. Way to go sweden, we will remember your courts think so little of our humanity.