let’s try this again, on bigotry and animal rights.

ok recently it was pointed out to me that I screwed up, my last post wound up about the impact of racism on animal rights, rather than on the basic incompatibility of the two mindsets . So let’s try this again, isn’t the entire popint of the animal rights movement, equality between peoples regardless of species, genus, subcategory, or any other difference? anything less than that is nothing short of glorified speciesism. By that logic humanity too are offshoots of the same species, families, ergo racism itself perpetuates speciesism, the very thing that keeps our nonhuman friends in cages.


Humans are just another species of ape, we just happened to get too smart for our own good and learn to stand upright, seems to me this gave us an advantage vs predators as we had greater elevation and the ability to wield tools, but came at a price. We as a species developed a tendency to consider that as we learned to use tools like a clever monkey we were superior. We forgot who we were and rested our laurels at the top of the food chain. Looking down at others as prey seems to have spread even to the point where within our own species we divided into groups, looking down on each other based on where our variation of the species fit. We started viewing others as inferior, that mentality doesn’t stop just because we go vegan , it seems to linger. To the point where those we see as different are all viewed as prey . This madness has to stop if we are ever ever ever to realise an end to speciesism we must all be equal, even among ourselves.

on fascism and animal rights, why the 2 do not mix.

OK I am gonna try to say this calmly and sensibly, that may be hard but I will try, please if you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, or in any way discriminatory against somebody based on age, race , ability or disability, sexuality, gender , sex, gender identity, or religion stay the fuck away from feminism , animal rights, enviromentalism, or any struggle in which a person humaqn or nonhuman is struggling for rights.

By reinforcing the rights of one at the expense of another  you become like the ivy in a wall, appearing to make it stronger while forcing cracks and divisions beneath the surface that will unless weeded out lead to destruction.

The strength in any movement for equality lies in a united front, if people cannot attend an animal rights gathering because they fear racist thugs how can the movement grow stronger? to the fascists at the EDL animal rights is not your promotional tool, please stay far, FAR away.

What use is gaining freedom for one if it comes with jackboots stamping another underfoot? that is not a path to freedom for any , just squabbling over the masters tools.  In recent years in the movements I support I have noticed the warning signs of this, casual sexist jokes going unchallenged, little racist comments overlooked. If this continues it will poison the causes we fight so hard to uphold. Freedom of one at the expense of another is no freedom at all, please folks when you hear crap like that I ask if you love the movement call that shit, without a moments hesitation.