When is objectification of transwomen not the objectification of transwomen? when it can be made into a show apparently.

If you live in my region you will have seen it plastered on every lampost within a 10 mile radius, posters to see the so called “ladyboys of bangkok” . I find the entire thing profoundly insulting, the performers in the show often identify as kathoey, a culture of transness entirely unique and seperate from transsexuality, or drag, or any western equivalent, yet promoters scrap the name preferring to utilise the term ladyboys, an english term often weaponised as an insult against uk transwomen.

Combined with obvious and deliberate tricks such as small people humping the performers legs etc. it becomes obvious the entire show is geared to a deliberate hint at the freakshow angle, abandoning any respect for it’s performers in exchange for the shock factor and a hint of objectification.

A few years ago female members of the audience were even permitted to attend wearing badges stating 100 percent female , (because heaven forbid a normal person could be mistaken for one of us).

It seems from the costumes upwards the entire show treats the performers like meat, a sexual novelty at best and at worst like an object. I worr also when the show moves on what it will have done to the areas expectations when they encounter trans women or trans men in the street.