On Sexism , Rape Apologism, and facebook.

I am a firm believer in hate crime legislation, it protects innocent people from harm caused by people who target them in hatred. Apparently not so facebook, in the bizarre world of facebook encouraging rape is considered hillarious. Just don’t forget your “controversial humour” tag folks, so long as you add that the most abbhorrent things are considered acceptable.

Facebooks logic, for lack of a better word is that women are not a protected category, therefore are not protected by terms of service. By that logic any loophole in regulation is ripe for exloitation. Technically nor are people named mark. However if I were to make a post immediately after a person named mark was attacked calling for the extermination of all individuals named mark it would still be an asshole move.

Facebook don’t seem to realise how relevant this is, every day thousands of people around the world are raped. There is no way in hell you can convince me raping somebody ever can or ever will be anything but an act of hatred. Please don’t even try to. So why should rape jokes not be considered as a violation of terms of service, c’mon facebook we all know you’re sexist as hell but please can you at least try to act in a decent manner?