When a movement is hijacked: on 269 and ruining lives.

I posted awhile ago about my pride in participating in the 269 action. Now my pride has been destroyed as good actions by so many have been hijacked and corrupted to serve a sickening agenda.

Of late there has been a growing push from within the movement to work with all comers, be they racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or any other brand of bigot. This is a completely twisted course to take. Animal rights is only effective so long as people respect us, these actions do nothing but discredit us.

While inequality exists for ANY inequality will remain for all, the only way a movement ofr the scope and sheer size of animal rights can be effective is through intersectional activism. Nobody should be forced to sell out one belief to support another. If you want to be racist all you will do is brand a good movement as racist. If you are sexist your actions will taint the entire movement. That stain will never wash away.Of late many of 269’s actions are to my eyes as a feminist sickening, misogynistic, and add to rape culture. This is unacceptable. From bigotry springs speciesism, as long as a human being can say they’re only, be it they’re only a nationality, a sex, a sexuality, a gender, or a species the slaughterhouses will continue to thrive. After all, if we can say of our fellow humans they’re only then it reinforces the “they’re only animals” paradigm that we fight to overcome. 269 You have lost your way, please as a movement reconsider your actions, look to the consequences and change before we fail everything we fought for.

Memorial, on desecrated memories and irrational hatred.

Today I write to you all with a heavy heart. Many of you might not be aware but recently the worlds first memorial to the trans victims of hate crime was completed.

The fact people found it in their hearts to carve it was extremely heartening.


However today after about a month from completion the memorial was desecrated. Hateful messages were carved into the wood, and even the memorial plaque was deliberately mangled. Due to lack of CCTV in the area the vandals will be hard to identify, and as such they probably believe they have gotten off scott free. This entire mess fills me with sadness, I feel as if the grave of my mentor has been defiled. Most of us have lost somebody to the hatred that provokes this kind of shit, in my case the person who guided me and protected me in the early days of my transition was murdered . Every one of us knows at least one person who has fallen, and that is unacceptable. Now it seems we cannot even mourn our dead without fools such as these ruining it in some way.

I have news for this scum, whatever you try it will not work.  The memories these people left us with are far stronger than the hate of any fool. The gift of a touch on the arm, a kind word, a reassuring hug. Of the guidance those who fell left behind for us will never fade. We will heal, and a memorial can be restored. Whether you know it or not you have failed, we will remember and we will rebuild. Nothing will prevent that. Hatred will never prevail while we hang onto the love our brothers and sisters show us.