the NIMBY rentamob paradox, on fracking, failing, and deliberate derailing.

When is a protestor not a real protestor? I’m sure there’s some kinda joke in that question, however not according to fracking supporters. Y’see there’s this thing I like to nickname the NIMBY Rentamob paradox, I will endeavour to explain it below.

Basically it states no local can ever possibly really oppose fracking, because if they do they’re just stomping their feet because it’s happening in their neighbourhood. With me so far? BUT there is also a flipside to this, the same idiots also firmly believe in a mythical creature they call a professional protestor. That is a person who makes a fortune by simply traveling from protest to protest rather than working. I would love to know what kind of business model such a protestor would use, closest I can figure out is the following exuation.   step 1.  Attend lotsa protests.            Step 2. ????????????        Step 3. PROFIT.             Apparently if any protestor  has the nerve to speak out for or against anything they are therefore either a NIMBY or a RENTAMOB.  I don’t know what magical entities may not fall into either box in the world according to the Telegraph but I have a suspicion there are none.

Thus the fr4ackers have a method of publicly dismissing all voices that oppose them, and all it takes is a few dozen paid commentors.Interesting scenario isn’t it?