A message to MRA’s , on hijacking and smokescreens.

This is a short and simple message to the scum in the mens rights movement hijacking our name. You do not get to speak for transpeople. So you hate radfems? Then have at least the fucking decency to oppose them in your own name not ours.

You who appropriate our voices, YOU are the enemy. At least TERFS don’t pretend they are defending you while appropriation your voice.  You who have actively opposed the treatment my brothers and sisters or indeed all my kin so desperately needed, you who oppose bodily autonomy and womens rights. Do you think the trans community will forgive your vile transgressions committed in our name? You have no honour, no courage, and now not even honesty. 

We know our enemies. Wearing our name like a sheepskin will not prevent us seeing the sad , pathetic wolf beneath. You who hurt us right through our lives, who tortured us with gender roles worsening our depression at our transness. You who enforced those stereotypes with threats and violence. You who made our lives hell. We will not forgive, and we will always remember. Most of us bear the scars of a lifetime to ensure it.

Radfem 2013, on ideologies and repeating history.

Here we go again folks, it’s that time of year again. Early indications are arising of Radfem 2013 gathering. That means time for yet another repitition of history, yet more insults slung back and forth, and in the end what will it achieve? absolutely sod all.

Oh I tell a lie, the result will be migraines all round, sound appealing? Funny it doesn’t appeal to me either, as a result I have a proposal. Simply leave it be, all the trans community will do by attempting to block this event is to look like bullies, and make this philosophy seem edgy and radical once more, rather than challenging it via legitimate debate and facts.

The real way to stop discrimination against the trans community by a small portion of the radical feminist community is by reasonable debate and discussion, on neutral ground. By being allies in common issues rather than constantly at one anothers throats over one issue. When attacked challenge it but otherwise just leave things be and if asked to back off do it, the person may have a legitimate reason for asking.  Trans exclusionary events while offensive, and misgendering to trans people cannot be stopped from taking place. I do not see why we should try. Grant them distance when requested and place your bets on how long this event continues, I’m betting not so long. Please folks don’t block Radfem2013 . There are plenty of good people willing to speak for us, some even within radical feminism itself and when in safe neutral territory we can debate freely to our hearts content. Maybe one day people will reconsider this anachronistic policy, but we have no need to demand entry. It’s like slamming our collective heads repeatedly against a wall and makes us look like assholes. I can’t tell y’all what to do, but please, think about it okay?

Of MRA’S and Morons, sorry dudes but even under white flag no truce with patriarchal scum.

Ok this shouldn’t even need to be said, but circumstances force my hand. Of late I have been hearing of a particularly rancid piece of shit trying to latch itself to our community. A name many of you may recall has been approaching trans women, trying to cower under a white flag and form a truce. Remember Agent Orange? the MRA scum? Yeah this particular turd it seems will not flush, and is trying to garner a truce with our community. Like any self respecting trans woman or trans man would ever stoop so low as to contaminate themselvces in such a way. In response to this members of the trans community formed the hashtag #orangeispatriarchy, To anybody naive enough to fall for this bastards bullshit DON’T trust this man. Yes he revealed some information once , but he has done a lot of harm to feminism as a movement too, Releasing the words of a handful of lunatic fringe as if they were the words of feminism as a whole, and attempting to divide the feminists along trans/ non trans battle lines is just another ploy to divide and conquer, please folks no matter what do not put your trust in him, doing so is like volunteering to play dentist to a hungry alligator without anaesthetic, you can garantee it will come back around to bite you in the ass somewhere along the line.

The fucking cotton celing debate again, or put the whip away and back away from the equine carcass.

First off I should probably state, as a transwoman myself I despise this theory, I think it is poorly worded, fundementally wrong, and needs to be removed from use before it can do anymore harm.

That being said I would like to apologise.

To those who were offended or harmed by this term and the fallout it wrought I apologise.

To those who decided to interfere in consenting relationships between two people based on the fact one was trans I do not apologise. It is not the victims place to apologise

To those who felt pressured or coerced by this term, to those who felt pressured into accepting trans partners based upon this , or felt your refusal would be deemed transphobic I apologise.

To those who treated transpeoples presence in a way closer akin to an unclean parasite than a human being I do not apologise.

To those who felt transphobic based on lack of attraction to trans people  I apologise.

To those who deliberately misgendered trans people as a way to harm them or interfere in their relationships and friendships even with those they were out to, I will never apologise to you, you have acted in ways as misogynistic and privileged as the patriarchy itself.

To any and all who suffered through this horrid term, it’s effects. the opressiveness of it. the rapeyness of the term itself I apologise.

To any and all who ever used this term as a weapon of debate, to any who ever used it to pressure another human being. You have done more harm to the trans community as a whole than you could ever imagine. I am ashamed such actions ever took place.

That being said I would like to propose we let this term die, there are better ways to get through to people than this. I would like to see trans and non trans move on with their lives as peacefully as possible and this term die as it should have done long ago.