Radfem 2012, the aftermath.

Ok so here we are again, I’m pretty sick of having this conversation by now, but I have a request of my trans brothers and sisters, do not block this event. Womens spaces are rare enough as is, they need places they can feel safe.

As a transwoman I am dismayed at seeing the event is exclusionary of trans individuals despite the laws of our country and still seeks to debate our existence, but I am a supporter of free speech. How do you reconcile an event that denies your very reality with that? quite simply really, by reaching out and requesting a debate at which all are welcome while respecting the desires of those who organised the event.

You cannot change a human beings beliefs by force, only by reasoned debate, shiela jeffries has repeatedly closed her ears to such discussion, but not every radfem does. Surely there has to be a better way, I know I’m gonna get a lot of flack for making this post, but somebody has to. So here goes, just please folks, think about it ok?