Steubenville, on rape and victim blaming.

Ok folks before I even really start this post I  warn ya, it will get heated.

Recently I was reading posts on the #Steubenville twitter tag, as I was reading I could feel the bile rising in the back of my throat at what I saw. But compared to the bile that was currently in front of my eyes onscreen that was nothing.

Here’s a tip for all you fuckers out there blaming this poor girl for what happened to her, if a. a girl has been drinking enough to impair her thoughts in any way. (Which incidentally she hadn’t she was SPIKED) B. Said girl is unconcious C. she has not granted permission to play. D you have to physically CARRY her out. E you photograph her in compromising positions. F THE GIRL IS A MINOR . G ANY OR ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE TRUE OR THE PERSON EVER IN ANY WAY GIVES AN INDICATION THAT THEY ARE UNWILLING (I’m just gonna stop there despite the fact I have a whole alphabet of reasons why this is fucked up and wrong) then when you lay a fucking finger on thisd person it is what they call RAPE , and rapists go to prison.

Is this equation too complicated? I’ll simplify, too young? she drunky?you put pills in her drinky? you no touchie, if you do you go to prison, no more football. Rapists do not get sympathy, nor do they deserve it. They go to prison, as they should, hell in my opinion they should be accompanied by everybody who tried to cover this shit up. Anyway I’m gonna stop writing now before I get really mad.

Zimbabwean politician, tries to pressure women to shave heads and bathe less to prevent aids spreading.

Or maybe they could try, call this crazy, not being misogynistic bastards rather  encouraging guys to keep their dicks in their pants. This is just an idea off the wall but that might have a better success rate. Providing condoms to people would help a hell of a lot too.

This is yet more blaming bullshit, claiming guys cannot resist a well presented woman is exactly the same logic that leads to victim blaming in rape cases. Seems the old dance one step forward and 2 steps back is still .ongoing.