Remember when victims had names? of huge debates and forgotten names.

Jack, John, Jade, Duwayne, Jesse and Jayden, 6 names, 6 lives, etch them into your memory because they already lost so much. 6 Innocent kids murdered by 1 evil sadistic piece of filth who should never have been allowed to set foot near them. Now it seems in death we can’t even give them the common courtesy of their own fucking names.

These children were precisely that,living human beings , they deserved so much better from life. Now in death they are being used as a political tug o war rope, a weapon in an idealogical “war on welfare.” They should have had a good life, instead their father, one of the sickest human beings imaginable took their lives, and even discussed the idea of sex upon their grave.

This is where it gets even worse, the press chose to print a photograph of this ill fated family with the headline “The vile product of welfare uk”. These kids who did not get to choose their parentage , they did not choose to be raised by this fucking scum. Can’t we at least have the decency to name victims? It would appear not, in our mad rush to hate we forgot the most important thing, these were living breathing human beings, not a metaphorical club to beat the world with. Their killers should pay for what they did, the sentence they got was nothing but a sick joke that nobody is laughing at.

The actions of this monster were not the vile product of anything but one sick bastard, to blame anything for the actions of this filth but the killers themselves is pathetic. Worse it is excusing the action itself. It gives people the idea that the killers were not responsible for their own actions, this is sickening. These deaths were the product of a killers actions, nothing more, nothing less.

Jack, John, Jade, Duwayne, Jesse and Jayden 5 names, 6 innocent lives, etch them in your memory. They did nothing to earn their sad fate, remember them whenever those in power expect you to forget they were people, and demand you hate a faceless strawman in their place.

A call for aid, stop a canadian mining firm using rape and murder as tools.

OK I cannot believe what I am reading. HudBay minerals of canada are being sued for rape and murder of mayan peoples here and now in 2012.

I knew mining corporations had been using such sickening tactics for a long time, but  why is this still considered ok?

Eleven women raped a young tribe member parylised and a tribe elder murdered, all for the profits of these arrogant, greedy, money grubbing bastards.. Avaaz are setting up a fundraiser to help the people set up a lawsuit in canada. before HudBay con the courts into turning it over to the weaker courts in guatemala where they will no doubt get away scott free.

Maybe it is time to show these corporate bastards what we think of these tactics, if anybody is able to get a protest going at the US headquarters it’d be great to see. If not there are other ways to help, write to congress, boycott the firm, even donate to the legal aid of the mayans who need all the help they can get to match hudbays legal power.