Trans ableism, a transsexuals perspective.

Recently whenever I am interrogated by a bigot they always seem to ask one  question “what about that trans paraplegic how do you account for that?” To that I have one simple answer, I don’t, straw men are so hard to argue against. after all you wouldn’t ask  a an eagle to explain how it feels to be a budgie or account for the actions of said budgie would you? The trans abled phenomena seems to be a relatively new arrival on the scene, just like transsexualism was considered until very recently. As such I will not presume to imprint my pet theories upon them, for one simple reason . I will not turn myself into a hypocrite to score a few points in an argument against a bigot.

To put it simply they have a right to their belief, I would much rather leave the decision on how to treat these individuals to a medical professional than try to form an opinion based on very poor facts and my gut. I will not become like the people who inscribed their pet theories on my identity and throw people under the goddamned bus. I will not speak for them as it is not my place to. I will also be closer examining my own privilege as an able bodied person as my first thoughts seemed somewhat ableist and that is unacceptable.