The Hilton screws over workers on wages.

Not sure how many have seen this sickining display, but the Hilton, one of the richest hotel chains out there has decided it will no longer honour national minimum wage.

Instead workers will receive just 3 gbp per room while the firm rakes in millions. Their excuse paying staff a living wage is apparently not commercially viable.

To call hilton on this crock of shit try letting them know what you think of it on their facebook

Zimbabwean politician, tries to pressure women to shave heads and bathe less to prevent aids spreading.

Or maybe they could try, call this crazy, not being misogynistic bastards rather  encouraging guys to keep their dicks in their pants. This is just an idea off the wall but that might have a better success rate. Providing condoms to people would help a hell of a lot too.

This is yet more blaming bullshit, claiming guys cannot resist a well presented woman is exactly the same logic that leads to victim blaming in rape cases. Seems the old dance one step forward and 2 steps back is still .ongoing.

The Third Person

Who is this third person,

who follows me into the room?

I’m sure I heard them mention her,

which never is good news.

When they mention her, it costs me my autonomy

they even mix the pronouns up,

and take away identity..

Does she get to decide for herself?

when to eat?

when to sleep?

what to do with her health?

All through they never really offer a voice,

they must decide for her,

that isn’t her choice.

why can’t she dress up more?

try looking the part?

like the roles all that matters,

right from the start.

Maybe more frilly clothing?

and a big plastic grin?

what is she a barbie?

I think deep within.

They seem to dullwitted,

to just understand

that the roles are not really the issue at hand,

It’s like your damn body,

has a weird second head,

they could try to fix it,

but slap on makeup instead.

Or just try to hide it,

with false smiles and a dress,

they’re too foolish to see,

the bodies the mess.

Isn’t surgery drastic?

they ask every time,

like she hasn’t the right ,

to make up her mind.

Must be a desire to belong, they all say,

to a community that hates her?

oh no fucking way.

Next they try taking,

her pets and her home,

supported accomodation,

for not playing the role.

Comorbid Autism,

a wretched excuse,

for taking a persons freedom to choose,

I just wanna scream,

why can’t they see?

instead of a magic third person

try talking to me.

Phone bloc dogs 4us manchester

Not sure if any of you are familiar with this action or not, bur we need people to call up.

This organisation claims to be not using irish milled puppies (given the fact that ireland recently banned puppy mills so they are actually selling WELSH milled puppies 100 percent truthful.) If you want to let them know what you think of this drop em a line on (0)161 736 5010 (UK dial code is +44) .

The Echo cave



just goes to show,

the less you know,

the more vocally you show it,

didn’t we all just know it all along.



listen here’s the thing,

we aren’t one big patriarchal sting,

We’re actually human beings,

ya never would have thought it,

or ever would have bought it ,

still the truth.



We didn’t wanna fight,

We aren’t just men in tights,

or butches in denial,

and even if we were,

that wouldn’t make the hatred right.



Seems no matter what we say,

you just want us to go away,

and leave your hatred circlejerk intact,

but listen, here’s a fact,

no matter how you act,

the truths distorted by the echo cave.





let go.

good for her wish her an easy painless escape from the closet.


THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [UPDATE – Laura Jane Grace debuts! See below.]

Punk rocker Tommy Gabel’s transiting announcement may be new and sudden to many people, but the path Gabel has taken to reach this point is familiar to tens of thousands of others who have plodded along the same difficult, heartbreaking and sometimes torturous, trail.

Gabel, in describing the feeling of disconnect between mind and body: “. . . it’s shitty, man. It’s really fucking shitty.” Then there’s the confusion about the decision, to which Gabel says ‘I may not know what the fuck I’m doing’, but Galen ends the statement with: “But there’s another part of me that’s completely, 100 percent sure.”

You’ll find a lot of trans people are nodding their heads in agreement with Gabel on that entire paragraph and more: terrified of rejection from a significant other, feelings of shame while growing up, praying…

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He used to……..

did you hear about him? he used to………

my mind shuts off,

they used to what?

bury who they were inside?

pretend to be the thing they despised?

swallow all their pride?

wear a disguise to survive?

or simply deny, their inner self?

They used to shut it all away,

try to play the fucking game,

that took their dignity away,

led their spirit all astray,

and let their misery hold sway.

As they tried so hard to be the same,

as all the normal folks.

Until one day,

he looked in the mirror,

saw through the veneer,

and saw her staring back,

then SNAP

all the wasted years came flooding back,

shattered the mask.

She remembers what she was before,

the wounds still raw. YES she used to,

not anymore.

For those who still believe trans people support gender roles and choose their identity. (warning highly triggerry)

I am sick and tired of people making it sound like life as a trans person is a massive thrill ride of male privilege sunshine lollipops and rainbows. Most of the people who do so wouldn’t know the truth of transsexuality if it bit them on the ass. So I figured I’d try to tell my story so people can see what trans life is really like.

Right lets try this another way, for now I will use the term self integrity in the place of gender as in self identity, and use gender as a term to describe gender roles place in society etc. I chose the term self integrity for a reason, it is something constant and unwavering inside myself that has never changed, even as my perceptions of gender and the world around it have shifted.

Even before I knew the biological differences between boys and girls I knew who I was, I knew that parts of my body shouldn’t be there as long as I can remember. I physically had to concentrate to pee, my body responded in ways that physically repulsed me it wasn’t just feeling like a woman as you put it, that is a gross oversimplification. It is more like something felt fundementally wrong with me, like if you woke up with an extra head one morning level of dissonance, forcing me to ask questions no child of any age should ever have to ask themselves, why is my body so freakish.What the hell is wrong with me? About this point in my life gender started to be something rigidly enforced, like the entire world was trying to fix me as something was claimed to be wrong with me , but I knew who I was, and fought my little 5 year old heart out to be myself. Against such odds who could win?I was forced into a male gender , and even a toe out of line was penalised harshly, childhood toys destroyed in front of me, as I got older assaults were commonplace as people felt something off About me and were more than willing to use fists weapons spit on you sexually assault you , and any means were considered my own fault for something I didn’t even understand.

Through all this I stifled my self integrity, retreating into myself. At 10 years old I made my first suicide attempt. Tied a dressing gown cord around my neck , and the bunk beds, and jumped off. I passed out just as the cord snapped. My second attempt I was 11 years old I attempted to electrocute myself, even that had to be better than living stuck in a body that in no way belonged to me, that would never reflect who I was.

By the age of 18 I was alcoholic, suicidally depressed, and had buried myself so deeply my self integrity long since smothered by 2 sets of gender  conditioning, 1 set normal for a male of non trans origins the other set comparing myself to all those women in my life, mothers friends, family, the models on the catwalk, until something inside me broke, Seeing the perfect little stepford wives types on tv repulsed me as much as the macho men , All gender roles are complete and utter bullshit, a failing system propped up by years of misoginy. That was when I figured that out, but that didn’t make me any less a freak. My entire body was still like an ever changing monstrosity, the enemy, Eventually at 23 I learned of gender transition, and tracked down my doctor to ask for a referral. Until that point the only exposure I’d ever had to transsexual realities was sadly the jerrry springer show,was I supposed to like men? Because they did nothing for me but terrify me, then again I was scared of a lot of women too, all people hurt.

I eventually got to the gender clinic and was pleasantly surprised with the pre screening counsellor, he respected that we did not want to live our lives as eternal stereotypes, encouraged activities outside the binary gender , and reminded me of my self integrity , so deeply buried for so long. Encouraged me to be myself, above anything else. That made it extra jarring what came next, I was literally LOST for a year they lost my file and didn’t even bother contacting me. Then I got to the psychiatrist, she was obsessed with gender and forcing the roles, they wanted a satire of humanity, I had a choice, do or die. I jumped through their hoops then they decided to try to get me classed as mentally unable to decide for myself. They used my autism to try to cancel treatment and take away my physical and financial autonomy, and push me into supported accomodation.

They failed . I am still in transition, not for gender roles, those labels are bullshit but for my self integrity. For a body that physically matches and doesn’t make me miserable,

I know I’ll never have kids, and I’m OK with that even if it hurts like hell , I know that I could never ever ever have been the father of a child, the fact I will never be a mother either is something I learned to live with. Like everything else in my screwed up life,

I now dedicate my life to making sure some other kid doesn’t have to suffer through this shit. To trying to remind the gender clinics they are supposed to help the patient, forcing these roles upon them and refusing treatments until you act according to gender does NOT do that, in the end what matters is our integrity, our inner selves, if the bodies don’t match why should we be denied help? We know who we are, I am a woman of trans history and proud of it.

A Radical TransFeminist


A common understanding among gender activists is that most people think of gender as a binary, and that most institutions are built around a fixed concept of two genders.

I suggest that mainstream society actually uses a threefold ‘ternary-gender’ model of gender, dividing people into ‘women’, ‘men’ and ‘freaks’. I use this model to discuss a common area of disagreement between gender activists: male privilege as experienced by transsexual women.

This article also discusses the concepts of transgendering (gendering somebody as trans*) and unpacking ‘male privilege’ into internalised, social and power-over privileges.

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