Zander Mahaffey and Leelah Alcorn, On a bridge too far and fallen stars.

His name was Zander, he was a young boy who needed help, now he’s been lain to rest under a stone with the wrong name by a family who if they could have seen past their own bloody mindedness could have had a wonderful son. Her name was Leelah, she was lain to rest in a suit under a male name because her parents decided their faith was more important than their beautiful daughter who needed support and love, not “fixing”.

On march the 7th in memory of the fallen some in the community will be marking their bodies with a simple star. I will be joining them. We’ve all lost friends, allies, band mentors to suicide somewhere along the line, and this time we have to say ENOUGH. Reparative therapy of trans kids does not work, the church know it, the so called therapists know it, it’s time to consider whether for the childs welfare those subjected to this torture, or whose parents turn away from them in time of need should be considered for compulsory therapy themselves. Rather than claiming life after life trying to cure the incurable.

Trans lives matter , and I am sick of seeing the victims lives treated secondary to the parents selfish, and often downright dangerous wishes. Anyway there’s not much more to say. Rest in peace Starboy, rest in peace Leelah. To any out there thinking of taking that route, please reconsider, there’s a veritable army of brothers and sisters and a whole world in between out there right now who have your back, we’ll be there for you and all ya need to do is say the word. You are never alone, never ever ever forget that. All you’ve gotta do is say the word. Anyway this is unchained signing out, to those out there looking for help, don’t give up, neveer give up on who you truly are. Also to all our Brothers out there, never forget we’re rooting for you too. Hang in there dudes.

the NIMBY rentamob paradox, on fracking, failing, and deliberate derailing.

When is a protestor not a real protestor? I’m sure there’s some kinda joke in that question, however not according to fracking supporters. Y’see there’s this thing I like to nickname the NIMBY Rentamob paradox, I will endeavour to explain it below.

Basically it states no local can ever possibly really oppose fracking, because if they do they’re just stomping their feet because it’s happening in their neighbourhood. With me so far? BUT there is also a flipside to this, the same idiots also firmly believe in a mythical creature they call a professional protestor. That is a person who makes a fortune by simply traveling from protest to protest rather than working. I would love to know what kind of business model such a protestor would use, closest I can figure out is the following exuation.   step 1.  Attend lotsa protests.            Step 2. ????????????        Step 3. PROFIT.             Apparently if any protestor  has the nerve to speak out for or against anything they are therefore either a NIMBY or a RENTAMOB.  I don’t know what magical entities may not fall into either box in the world according to the Telegraph but I have a suspicion there are none.

Thus the fr4ackers have a method of publicly dismissing all voices that oppose them, and all it takes is a few dozen paid commentors.Interesting scenario isn’t it?

When a movement is hijacked: on 269 and ruining lives.

I posted awhile ago about my pride in participating in the 269 action. Now my pride has been destroyed as good actions by so many have been hijacked and corrupted to serve a sickening agenda.

Of late there has been a growing push from within the movement to work with all comers, be they racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or any other brand of bigot. This is a completely twisted course to take. Animal rights is only effective so long as people respect us, these actions do nothing but discredit us.

While inequality exists for ANY inequality will remain for all, the only way a movement ofr the scope and sheer size of animal rights can be effective is through intersectional activism. Nobody should be forced to sell out one belief to support another. If you want to be racist all you will do is brand a good movement as racist. If you are sexist your actions will taint the entire movement. That stain will never wash away.Of late many of 269’s actions are to my eyes as a feminist sickening, misogynistic, and add to rape culture. This is unacceptable. From bigotry springs speciesism, as long as a human being can say they’re only, be it they’re only a nationality, a sex, a sexuality, a gender, or a species the slaughterhouses will continue to thrive. After all, if we can say of our fellow humans they’re only then it reinforces the “they’re only animals” paradigm that we fight to overcome. 269 You have lost your way, please as a movement reconsider your actions, look to the consequences and change before we fail everything we fought for.

Memorial, on desecrated memories and irrational hatred.

Today I write to you all with a heavy heart. Many of you might not be aware but recently the worlds first memorial to the trans victims of hate crime was completed.

The fact people found it in their hearts to carve it was extremely heartening.


However today after about a month from completion the memorial was desecrated. Hateful messages were carved into the wood, and even the memorial plaque was deliberately mangled. Due to lack of CCTV in the area the vandals will be hard to identify, and as such they probably believe they have gotten off scott free. This entire mess fills me with sadness, I feel as if the grave of my mentor has been defiled. Most of us have lost somebody to the hatred that provokes this kind of shit, in my case the person who guided me and protected me in the early days of my transition was murdered . Every one of us knows at least one person who has fallen, and that is unacceptable. Now it seems we cannot even mourn our dead without fools such as these ruining it in some way.

I have news for this scum, whatever you try it will not work.  The memories these people left us with are far stronger than the hate of any fool. The gift of a touch on the arm, a kind word, a reassuring hug. Of the guidance those who fell left behind for us will never fade. We will heal, and a memorial can be restored. Whether you know it or not you have failed, we will remember and we will rebuild. Nothing will prevent that. Hatred will never prevail while we hang onto the love our brothers and sisters show us.

How we stand to lose our human rights: on a sleeping nation and actions taken.

I know I haven’t written much for awhile , but now I find myself writing on a major issue most folks have probably never even heard of.


How many of you are familiar with the anti social behavior, crime and policing bill 2013 ? My advice would be to get familiar with it as quickly as possible, this one lil act has the powers to cause untold damage to human rights in the UK.

As I am typing it is rapidly getting pushed through parliament. The thing about this innocent sounding piece of legislation that is most concerning is it grants new powers to police, PCSO’s and most disturbing of all private security.

The theory behind it sounds pure as the driven snow, police and security officers should be permitted to disperse any individual committing anti social behavior. Stop kids drinking on street corners, that sorta thing. However it goes a step further and only requires the possibility of anti social behavior to make a group of people disperse from public land they have every right to be on. Yes that means the location you are peacefully protesting against can send somebody from their own staff outside to order dispersal on pain of arrest. Consider that for a moment, then try to define anti social, such a slippery term. At different times ASBO’s have been granted for offenses ranging from having sex too loudly, to sarcastic laughter, and even in one case slow hand clapping as it offended the individual.

Here are just a few examples.


Partially-deaf Michael O’Rourke, 51, of Peterhead, was given an ASBO following complaints from his neighbours for tormenting them with very loud country and western music throughout the daytimes.
Mr O’Rourke was banned from playing his favourite Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash tunes during daytime hours, but was fined for constant breaches.

Caroline Cartwright, from Washington, was given a 4 year ASBO banning her and her husband from having loud sex.
For almost four years marathon sex sessions at the Cartwight household were driving neighbours mad with their moans, groans and bed-banging.
The couple were caught breaching the order for a second time, after police received a complaint that her morning wails and whines were said to be heard at 10.15am.

A shepherd was given an Asbo for using his flock to intimidate neighbours, which he breached in January.

Peter Trigger was given an ASBO stopped him from wearing skirts or showing bare legs on school days between 0830 and 1000 and 1445 and 1600.

A MAN accused of breaching a court order banning him from laughing or clapping in public has had the charge against him dropped after 20 months.

Stuart Hunt was issued with the interim Anti-Social Behaviour Order, or Asbo, in 2007 as part of an ongoing feud with his neighbours, Stuart and Shirley Latham, over their shared access road.

The 49-year-old, of Drumnadrochit on the banks of Loch Ness, is still subject to the order and claims he was accused of breaching it after calling Mrs Latham a “stupid idiot” when she blocked the road with her car in October 2010.

The charge against Mr Hunt stated that he breached the order by being “unpleasant in conversation, verbally abusive and insulting towards Shirley Latham, causing her distress”.

However, prosecutors yesterday deserted the case, which had already been called in court around 16 times, because it was no longer in the public interest to proceed.

The Asbo is one of the most unusual to be imposed in Scotland – banning Mr Hunt from laughing, clapping slowly, staring, waving objects or being rude or insulting in public.

ASBO’s have also been used at different times to ban hoodies in certain areas and impose a 9pm curfew on under 16’s even ones without a criminal record.


These are just a few examples and as you can see anti social behavior orders have a spread as broad as a yorkshire accent, and seem to be entirely left to the opinions of the person delivering the order. This effectively devastates freedom of assembly, violating the human rights act. Nukes freedom of protest, and doesn’t exactly do a hell of a lot of good for freedom of expression either. Now you see why I am so concerned, this act is already on the commons reading, and we weren’t even told it existed. This needs to be righted while we still have any human rights left at all. I have started a petition, I would really appreciate it if anybody signed, because right now we need all the help we can get.


A message to abacrombie and Fitch. On the bullies hate, and resultant fate.

To whom it may concern.


I recently read with disgust a quote from you, on how you only want people of a particular shape and size shopping at your store. I was sickened, then I realised something.

I FIT YOUR CUSTOMER MOULD. So then I had a thought, I am coming for a visit abacrombie and fitch, yes the ugly transwoman  with a face that looks like it had a date with a sledgehammer who is probably everything you despise is coming to visit. To make matters worse I will not be subtle. I will wear enough makeup to make a drag queen say “oh I say darling go easy on that stuff.” I won’t so much apply makeup as slap a shovel full on my face and leave on whatever sticks.

When this is done I will come in and try on literally everything in store, and given the fact I’m 5’9 with a 00 waist odds are most of it will be loose. I will complain loudly when it’s baggy, and let it be known when something fits like a potato sack. I really don’t give a shit about labels or propriety , and you wanna know what I’ll do then? I’ll leave, without buying a damn thing. Then I’ll come back, and I’LL BRING FRIENDS. If there’s one thing I hate in this world it’s a bully, especially the one who tries to warp kids minds to a pretty lil kodak moment mould. You reinforce that stereotype. So Abacrombie, so fitch, welcome to your own personal hell, hope you enjoy your stay.


Yours Sincerely


Aura Willow Hazel


A message to MRA’s , on hijacking and smokescreens.

This is a short and simple message to the scum in the mens rights movement hijacking our name. You do not get to speak for transpeople. So you hate radfems? Then have at least the fucking decency to oppose them in your own name not ours.

You who appropriate our voices, YOU are the enemy. At least TERFS don’t pretend they are defending you while appropriation your voice.  You who have actively opposed the treatment my brothers and sisters or indeed all my kin so desperately needed, you who oppose bodily autonomy and womens rights. Do you think the trans community will forgive your vile transgressions committed in our name? You have no honour, no courage, and now not even honesty. 

We know our enemies. Wearing our name like a sheepskin will not prevent us seeing the sad , pathetic wolf beneath. You who hurt us right through our lives, who tortured us with gender roles worsening our depression at our transness. You who enforced those stereotypes with threats and violence. You who made our lives hell. We will not forgive, and we will always remember. Most of us bear the scars of a lifetime to ensure it.

To the individual who has been threatening me. On death threats and online pests.

To whom it may concern.

I received your letters, every single one of them. Yes that includes the death threats, and the ones threatening rape and torture, and I had just 1 question. Did you think this was news to me? That your threats would somehow cause me to cower in fear?

I am afraid I will have to disappoint you. You can threaten all you like, nothing you could ever do to me can be worse than I’ve already experienced. I will never back down, not to the likes of you. I will not stop posting, if you dislike a trans person posting online you are perfectly welcome to stop reading my stuff at any time you wish. I will not be afraid of you, in fact I pity you. So blinded by your own hate you can’t accept another human being for who they are. So fearful of difference you felt the need to stoop to this just to make your hollow life seem meaningful.

Meanwhile I will do nothing whatsoever differently, and will continue to do precisely what I need to do for my own well being.Feel free to hate me if that is what gets you through the day. Do not expect me to return the favour though. Hatred is a waste of energy that could be put to far better use. I wish you luck in your life and sincerely hope one day you get your life back onto a worthwhile course. Yours sincerely,

Aura Willow Hazel.

Remember when victims had names? of huge debates and forgotten names.

Jack, John, Jade, Duwayne, Jesse and Jayden, 6 names, 6 lives, etch them into your memory because they already lost so much. 6 Innocent kids murdered by 1 evil sadistic piece of filth who should never have been allowed to set foot near them. Now it seems in death we can’t even give them the common courtesy of their own fucking names.

These children were precisely that,living human beings , they deserved so much better from life. Now in death they are being used as a political tug o war rope, a weapon in an idealogical “war on welfare.” They should have had a good life, instead their father, one of the sickest human beings imaginable took their lives, and even discussed the idea of sex upon their grave.

This is where it gets even worse, the press chose to print a photograph of this ill fated family with the headline “The vile product of welfare uk”. These kids who did not get to choose their parentage , they did not choose to be raised by this fucking scum. Can’t we at least have the decency to name victims? It would appear not, in our mad rush to hate we forgot the most important thing, these were living breathing human beings, not a metaphorical club to beat the world with. Their killers should pay for what they did, the sentence they got was nothing but a sick joke that nobody is laughing at.

The actions of this monster were not the vile product of anything but one sick bastard, to blame anything for the actions of this filth but the killers themselves is pathetic. Worse it is excusing the action itself. It gives people the idea that the killers were not responsible for their own actions, this is sickening. These deaths were the product of a killers actions, nothing more, nothing less.

Jack, John, Jade, Duwayne, Jesse and Jayden 5 names, 6 innocent lives, etch them in your memory. They did nothing to earn their sad fate, remember them whenever those in power expect you to forget they were people, and demand you hate a faceless strawman in their place.

Why I participated in 269, on marked flesh and no regrets.

I am belatedly posting this piece as at the time of the event police and CID threats made my speech a liability, that hasn’t changed, the only thing that is any different to  previously is now I’m past caring for threats or promises.

Recently I was branded in the uk in solidarity with animals placed in the horrendous industry of slaughter for human consumption. I do not regret my decision, and even if this mark does not fade for the rest of my life I never will. There are many reasons I felt compelled to participate in this action some obvious, some not so much, but my primary reason is straightforward.

In the dairy industry cows are raised to be constantly in a state of pregnancy, when they are not pregnant they have just given birth. At that point the mother is given one single day with their child, one single day before their young are taken away from them. This is horrific, an experience no child  or mother regardless of species should ever have to endure, let alone constantly throughout their entire lives. The situations for the calves are equally bad, if they are male they will be exported overseas to be turned into veal. If you are unaware what that entails please look into it, every drop of milk sold in the UK contributes to this process. Female calves are destined to endure the same process as their mother until they eventually drop, they are then simply discarded.

To raise awareness of this the 269 event was started, in over 40 cities around the world activists volunteered to either be branded with a hot iron, or marked with a tattoo, the number of a single calf, marked for death before they were even born, with no escape from their horrendous fate. I myself was marked with a hot iron, and was later arrested, several others have recieved threats, and do you know what? I’m not ashamed, in fact I’ve never been prouder to bear this mark. A living testament to horrors that one day our species will look back on and say never again.

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